GET TO KNOW Shermineh

Shermineh started her career in politics at the age of 17 working for the Municipality of Vaughan she continued her career in politics provincially and federally all while completing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto and master’s in government at Harvard University. Shermineh then took her love for policy advising on national security to the technology sector. Where she shaped and grew innovative Canadian startup companies to advance security needs across sectors from energy, and healthcare to banking.

Sustainability Energy

Ms. Esmati plans to use her experience in bringing innovative technology to the energy sector to create new jobs and support Canadian talent.


Her experience working with Canada’s top medical researchers and cybersecurity specialists will ensure hospitals are a safe space for healthcare workers, patients, and all related professions impacted. She intends to work with top Canadian researchers to speed up the approval process for breakthrough medical treatment for our most vulnerable citizens. Resolving current PR Status failures, overburdened physicians will benefit from internationally experienced newcomers ready to aid patients in critical care.


Shermineh will apply her knowledge in course development with Canada’s top universities, to continue to promote material to the benefit of a child’s career path where there is greatest demand, be it STEM-related or the trades.


By streamlining the access to housing permits for compliant Canadian developers, removing taxes on essential building materials, and providing work permits to newcomers, Richmond Hill will regain its once stellar reputation for home buyers.

Safer Streets

Working with the local intelligence unit of YRP to RCMP and FBI, Ms. Esmati will use her experience in national security policy advising and international network to ensure residents of Richmond Hill are no longer easily targeted by foreign agents. Bail Reform will also ensure criminals experience jail time for all cases overlooked by the Trudeau regime, be it auto-theft to human trafficking.

Corporate Competition

Supporting the democratization of critical services. Ms. Esmati intends to support policies that promote opportunities for competition across sectors from open banking, transportation, and telecommunication. Shermineh intends to fight for a consumer’s right to have greater options to test services offered by SMEs, and startups, once held back by the pay-to-play barrier for entry.

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